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Terms and Conditions
The following are the terms and conditions for Car Magic Parts and Accessories. These terms and conditions are set as the agreement and restrictions between the owners of the website and all of its visitors. Please take some time to read and make yourself aware of the following terms and conditions.
Car Magic Parts and Accessories is an online retail store with the purpose of selling car, SUV, truck, and Jeep high performance parts and accessories. The information on Car Magic Parts and Accessories is of the contribution from employees and the website creator. The website Car Magic Parts and Accessories was refined and built for the purpose of offering customers, online shoppers and web viewers the most up to date and clearly stated information as the finest possible. In some occurrences inaccuracy may transpire and pertinent rules, laws, and regulations may often change. All recommendations, implications, information and links on are comments and outlook as they should not be taken as, followed or used with the website owner or the website author of Car Magic Parts and Accessories.
All of the content and information established on this website is projected only to present general guidelines and instruction on matters of prevalent interest online. When visiting this website we promote you to seek advice from Car Magic Parts and Accessories and its agents for guidance and knowledge with respect to specific matters prior making a decision. Car Magic Parts and Accessories disclaims any stance taken by visitors of this website or for any false impression or misunderstanding on the position of the website visitors.
Copyright Infringement
All of the content, logos, copyrights, trademarks, service marks and online web content are exclusive and personal property of and it owners. Particular images that are not visibly selected to are property of the product brands and manufacturers of the parts and accessories we have available on our website. Sequentially using photos and images for endorsement purposes you are required to obtain permission directly from the brand and manufacture.
Web Copy and Content
All of the web copy and content is purely of original content that has been written for the precise objective to sell, buy and endorse car, SUV, truck and Jeep high quality performance parts and accessories online. All the content on this website is exclusive and original for Car Magic Parts and Accessories and can not be replicated, copied or used by ant competing businesses to assist them sell the same or connected products, which include high quality performance parts and accessories. Information regarding the parts and accessories sold on can be obtained on the product brand and manufactures website for businesses that aspire to sell and market these certain products. If any material is taken for the brand or manufacturer’s website it has to be rewritten as original material and should not be replicated word for word from the brand or manufacturer’s website to be wield on any other website. Any replication or representation of the content established on this website with the objective of competing with Car Magic Parts and Accessories is strictly prohibited as the text and particulars on this site and is preserved by the U.S. Copyright Laws. Every noticeable use of content, concepts, website design elements, website style, copy and navigation that are assessable on is firmly forbidden to be used on competitive websites except if there is written approval by the owner(s) and writers of Car Magic Parts and Accessories to do so. Any competitive websites and online retailers that have any noticeable use of ideas, content navigation, copyright design elements, web copy or website style that is on without the approval of the owner(s) and writers, it will be considered a violation of intellectual property and copyright law and can be prosecuted to the total and complete extent of the law.
Original Artwork and Graphics
Every design elements, design work, logos and design graphics are intellectual property of Car Magic Parts and Accessories and its owner(s). All of these original artwork and graphics shall not be reproduced or recreated with the intent to compete with or to take recognition for website design and conception. No segment of this website can be used or reallocated for the commercial use at any instance. All of the information, artwork, graphics, and design work are copy written for the exclusive use of Car Magic Parts and Accessories. Any use of the material found on this website will follow a $3,000 or more fee and must have the written approval of the website’s author and owner(s) before applying for other needs. This website and work is exclusively the intellectual property of Car Magic Parts and Accessories and possesses all copyrights to original artwork, graphics and subject matter created. The content for Car Magic Parts and Accessories has been developed from investigations attained from the Internet and for car, SUV, truck and Jeep brands and manufacturers or distributor’s websites. All material in exclusive content that is copy written and intellectual property of Car Magic Parts and Accessories.

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